After finishing high school there’s been a dark, gloomy and lackluster two-years phase, mainly because the ordinary school-hobby routine was being substituted by emptiness.
Even on a social standpoint i had no more chances of interacting with other people.
My main goal, my will, my ambition, was to find myself a job that could grant me independence, and the ideal area of interest was IT, without a doubt.

The public administration offered me to stay in a day-time centre for the disabled. I deeply respect and admire the work put from whomever helps there, however, since the centre has to create an environment that fits many types of disability, they couldn’t afford, nor conpromise, to help me with my occupational needs.

In any case, my spirit compells me to not be a burden to others, but to be at least economically independent; this is one of the reasons i refused the PAs’ offer. In this period of time I’ve been without a tutor because institutions still hadn’t received the needed funds, and yet still, i had no idea i could have a private, dedicated tutor… But alas, with no public funds and no job money, my chances of having a so-longed-for tutor were close to none.
After this dreadful phase, a bit of sun started to shine through the clouds, and that’s where i found out the famous public funds were finally delivered to my Region. I’ve found my first tutor and started having six hours of help per week, then six became nine and then twenty.

One day a friend of mine asked me if I could convert a few VHSs into DVDs and, would you look at that, it worked way better than expected! That right there became my first job.
Few years passed, and the next occupation saw me having am internship ta a modeneae IT company; i learned to create websites from scratch, and once the collaboration was over i decided to open a serious businesses account, emboldened by the fact that i had access to even more tutor hours. Up to this day I have created many websites for professionals and companies, as well as implemented my activity and collaborations with other IT services