The theatre

I started doing theatre at the age of eighteen, when, with school, I made my first tragedy Shaksperiana, Romeo and Juliet. Of course, it was difficult for a person who doesn’t pronounce these complicated words well, yet, through the stratagem of the voiceover, I made one of the two narrators featured in the script!

The following year, as a former student, I did a representation of the story of Don Milani, with the same role previously held.

at the age of twenty I found myself attending the Talentho acting school in Modena. I liked, and still do, like the musical comedies of Garinei and Giovannini.

I did my first directing in one show dedicated to disabled people to raise awareness of the subject. Part of my job was to edit the texts of the scripts.

Meanwhile, I wrote my first review, Add a seat at the table, and later I reviewed Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I continued my editing with another completely unpublished writing by a war between cats and dogs, unfortunately I have never been able to bring it to the stage.

After a couple of years, I did the writing workshop for the scene of the theatre of the winds, with the director Giulio Costa, to whom my heartfelt thanks go. At each meeting we proposed a theme, and we had to write a script! Whoever wasn’t the director on duty was an actor. We made one show….. beautiful experience.

Since January I have been attending the Together with Us association, where we are constructing The Antigone show