My trip to rome

In 2011 we went to Rome with Anffas Onlus of Modena section, it was a wonderful experience full of emotions.

Anffas onlus Modena is an association that makes many trips, this time we went to Rome: to the contrary of what you may think, for me it is a fairly accessible city, certainly there are many obstacles, but we must also remember that it is a very old city and therefore difficult to adapt.

On that outing we visited practically all of the greatest monuments. Living in Rome certainly is not a city that is simple, not only because of the road network which alas is very chaotic, but also because in my opinion as an ancient city it ​​is never “closed”.

I want to give you an example; Modena is a very popular city, we have the Ferrari, Maserati etc. but there is almost never a traffic issue comparable to what you see in the large metropolises.

Rome is also the Italian political centre and this increases the already massive traffic in the city. This was apparent during our trip, the traffic was blocked for an hour near parliament because an institutional vehicle had to pass through.

In Rome we visited the churches of San Pietro, San Paolo (outside the walls)

and the Pantheon.

The particularity of this city that struck me most is the willingness to welcome people.  We never found people to be rude or annoyed.

I am always struck by how many years ago they were able to build this fantastic capital without the current technology yet here it is displaying a quantity of masterpieces concentrated in one small place.

I’ve always thought that big cities have been built to be such.

I believe that Rome encompasses all human souls a little: beautiful but also

a bit soiled by politics, laughter but also the scene of wars, in short, man.

I believe though that it has found its balance and when, at the end of time a line is drawn, it will certainly be a positive balance.

I wish all Romans serenity. I hope to return to Rome soon because I believe you can stay in Rome for a year, you can also live there, but, in a lifetime, you will never be able to see it all.