Politics and disability: who helps whom?

When I hear politicians talking about disability (be it referred to assessors or to farmers), I only hear disorganized voices, without concretness, like an orchestra without a conductor. This morning, while surfing Facebook, it occurred to me to read, on a friend of mineʼs wall, the political programme regarding disability of the various council groups from the municipality of Modena. It’s a great honor the fact that my townʼs Parliament takes care of this subject, but their interventions are sort of cosmetic, above all never addressed to whom made the choice to live at home. I’d like to debate with you some of these topics, because I know that many of these are present in many councils’ political programmes. The first problem is handed quite well, since summer camps in Modena have been accepting disabled people for some time, the first of all and pioneer was Asham Modena’s, they intend to extend from 3 to 4 weeks of assistance for kids who wish to attend summer camps. I’m almost convinced now that in many other towns there aren’t even summer camps available, but the objection rises automatically: if holidays are 14 weeks long, what are kids supposed to do during the other weeks? This is precisely the reason why I say that politicians in Italy do not know anything about disability. This is all that is reported on the municipality of Modena’s 2016-2018 budget for disability. Actually I know that is in an opposition group’s plan to debate in council architectural barriers, which can be improved with regard to Modena. If I may, it makes me burst out laughing. How come, we have kids at home 24 hours a day 7 days out of 7 and politicians in my town think of make summer camps last one week longer, leaving them alone for the remaining two months, and thinks of making sidewalks accessible when I don’t have anybody to accompany me? Now, just for intellectual honesty, I must say that the municipality funds 10 hour a week of assistance regardless of the fact that workers can not live on barely 400 €, so they leave as soon as they can, and I have to start over looking for someone to accompany me. What’s more, this objectively means being alone 11 half days out of 14. Why politicians do not understand these things?