The Stadium

Since the years when my hometown team went to Series B, my dad and I have always gone to the stadium. It is a place where I made a lot of acquaintances but the structure of the system does not favour watching the game because the disabled were placed in the stands, where in front of us we always had the benches to partially cover the view.

We have made numerous requests to both the municipality and the company managing the stadium to find a more suitable location.

In 2012 the municipality of Modena sold shares of the stadium to the company (Modena) and every time they had to make a change to the works there was always the problem of who should be responsible for them.

A great example of this being the field was poor quality soil and for weeks they did not do the maintenance work because they did not know who was responsible for it!

I met the team of Modena and they were a good bunch, in particular the coach Gianni de Biasi who is now in charge of the Albanian national team, and as a coach he also participated in the last world championships.

We had lunch together during which time he told me some very funny anecdotes. The week following our meeting he called me during a training session and introduced me to the whole team.

When Modena went to Series A they had to adapt the stadium to contain 20,000 people which is the minimum obligation for Serie A stadiums.

They carried out some important works in which both the municipality and the company contributed financially, however not even on that occasion did they adjust the stadium to ensure that disabled people could see the game easily and in the best possible way.

How we met: I always went to eat in a particular restaurant and one day the owner told me that the next day De Biasi would be at the restaurant and suggested that I have a table with him.

It was a nice lunch especially because I realised that behind a public man there is also a whole private story that is much more interesting than the usually flattened figure of the public persona.

Another very nice thing is that the first years of B in which the laws that regulate public order inside the stadiums were much lighter, every time Modena won, the players called me to take the dip in the montagnani!

Another anecdote: once I had done an IT project: a management program dedicated to the blind and there was the opportunity to raise funds thanks to Modena Football and the (Modena Volley) team and we managed to collect about 2000 euro.