I am very happy when I talk about this topic because I believe that many steps have been taken to progress this, at least we are in a position where many people know what we are talking about when they say the ‘disability’ word. Unfortunately, in Italy, it is still a sore point.

Many governments have tried to tackle this topic but, on the immigration side we are far behind. The difference with immigration is that the solution of the integration of the disabled in the classic “everyone’s home!” because this is our home.

I believe that the problem lies in people’s ignorance because the disability is not known and it is frightening, which is the first weapon against the homogeneity of society; How do you do it? At which point do you start?

In my opinion you have to start from the point of work, not only because work contributes the same in economic terms, but because it allows the problems to be observed in a common environment. Also work colleagues form a part of it, (the company) as there is a common goal.

The work environment must be considered as a starting point because if it begins and ends during working hours it becomes very short. Also, because people work within the company don’t integrate with each other and this may lead to a disabled person suffering further loneliness when surrounded by people.

I have written a lot about the function of the companion I think more than any other subject. It is very useful as a bridge and glue between colleagues.

Because the true problem of the able-bodied person is that most of the time he doesn’t know how to behave in front of the disabled person.

I too have been in many situations when faced with disabilities unknown to me.  I find it very difficult to understand and relate to people who have mental problems for example and always try to use the support of a person who already is familiar with the individual situation.  it is about finding the key to interacting with the other person directly.

I bring an example: Luca Borelli died in July 2015, I know little about him, but I know that everyone appreciated him for his way of functioning. He was a person magnet who attracted lots of other people but I always had a hard time talking to him and my interactions with him were limited.  I did not want to engage with him for long periods of time……I invite everyone not to make my mistake, please get involved!