Middle school and high school

Middle school was a transition period between from childhood to adolescence. In that period I started growing up like every boy at that age. My pathology required many surgeries to improve my physique, we also tried to improve my talking, but with little success. Today I make use of electronic devices such as the mobile phone and the computer, anyway after seeing a person for a while the person can understand what I say.

High school was the best period of my life. I got a surveyor diploma at the Guarini institute in Modena. The Guarini Institute was like a second home for me; in that school I used to have fun and I used to feel that I was welcomed, I often did not even want to go back home after the standard six morning hours. I met people which I still meet and which I hear from after all these years. I took a school-leaving exam as difficult as the one the others took, but they gave me some extra hours, it was a very long and tiring exam. I designed three terraced houses by using AutoCad, back when the design software was debuting. I carried out this project for my school-leaving exam to be used to allow people in wheelchairs to cross the road, avoiding architectural barriers and obstacles.