About Us

I met Alberto Gatti many years ago, in the Modena parish of Santa Caterina, through my son Francesco who frequented it and who was immediately a friend of him. And if the first thing I noticed about him was his severe disability, very soon two other qualities struck me, to the point of impressing me more and more over time: his acute intelligence and equally great tenacity. Tenacity, I mean to achieve, in formulating projects and reaching ideas, in setting goals, in continuously seeking – with passionate generosity – human contacts and friendships, always within a community dimension.

So it was that I met him many times, within many theatrical or IT initiatives (author of a software to manage centers for the disabled, creator of websites, director and screenwriter and frequenter of acting courses …) and participating in other creative activities, such as those of the Modena group “Insieme a Noi”. And on these occasions I learned all away from his extraordinary inner richness, his human generosity, the sincerity of his friendship.

Until today. That is to say, for my part, to discover this new site, very personal and very beautiful. Because visiting him is like starting a journey with Alberto, in his life. Not only retracing the gallery of his photographs from childhood to today, but also his lucid reflections as a man, on free time and on the relationship with God, on work, friendship and sexuality, which he proposes with the utmost sincerity to all who will read it.

So if it is true, as has been said, that no man is an island, I wish this site to be visited and known as much as possible, especially by the youngest, and to Alberto Gatti to continue to cultivate within himself the passion for all the beautiful things, the projects and the dreams, which he gave us today in a spirit of sharing fraternity.

Luigi Guicciardi